We train new bursars on financial and human resource management – Abdullahi Abbas

Abdullahi Abbas

The bursar of Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano, Abdullahi Abbas has said that new entrants into the Association of Bursars of Nigeria Universities (ABNU) will be trained on financial and human resources techniques that will help them to perform well on their duty posts.

Abdullahi Abbas, who is the Vice Chairman, Association of Bursars of Nigeria Universities (ABNU) made this disclosure at the meeting of ABNU at Abuja.

He said the meeting is taking place for three reasons. One of them is to give certificates of honour to two dignitaries – The Accountant General of the federation and the Executive Secretary of TERTFUND.

The second reason is to use the conference to educate members of the association on how to accesses TERTFUND Intervention Fund.

And the third reason he said is to hold the 4th quarter committee meetings of the association.

He revealed that there is serious pressure on the institutions, and that members of ABNU need to get well equipped with the human resources that are required to achieve desired results.

His words, “So we are training them on how to be patient with their colleagues and how to manage the affairs and the finances of their institutions”.

On how the administration has fared, he said that the treasury single account of the federal government has made it possible for accounting officers to locate and manage public finance with ease.

He concluded by saying that the present administration has performed well in that respect. “I can rate this government very good in this regard” he concluded.       


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