The resident Doctors strike did not stop all medical doctors’ services – Dr. Igbinovia

Dr. Imuentinyan Igbinovia

The Chief Consultant Maitama Hospital, Dr. Imuentinyan Igbinovia, obstetrician and gynecologist has revealed that the just suspended strike by resident doctors did not put to a halt all medical consultation/services in government hospitals. He made this clarification in Abuja while expressing his feeling about the suspended strike.

 He started by expressing happiness that the hospitals are now working at full capacity in terms of manpower. He said that nobody likes to go on strike; the government; the medical doctors, the patients and other stakeholders in the sector.

Dr. Igbinovia explained that when the resident doctors were on strike that other medical doctors were rendering consultancy and other services to patients. He stressed that it was only the resident doctors that were on strike.

He broke it down further by saying that there are different unions of medical doctors in Nigeria; all of them operating under the umbrella of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA). Some of them according to him are Nigerian Medical and Dental Consultants, Association of Resident Doctors, which he said has the largest number of members. He said there are some other associations of medical personnel.

He further explained that because of the large number of resident doctors, withdrawal of their services caused a visible shortage of manpower in the hospital. “Well, during the strike not all doctors were on strike. It was only the resident doctors and they have the largest number of members in any hospital”, he stated.

On what differentiates the resident doctors from other doctors, he said the difference is that they are still young doctors undergoing training to become consultants. According to Dr. Igbinovia all medical doctors have the same basic certification which is MBBS.

Doctor Ighinovia observed that the cause of the resident doctors’ strike was a break in communication between the union and government. He advised that there should be a consultant and continuous communication between the government and the union so that when there is an issue it will be nipped in the bud early in time. “The way forward is for there to be constant communication between government and the union so that when there are issues they will be nipped in the bud,” he concluded.


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