Government has regulated killing of donkeys to maintain sustainable development – DG Nwobodo

DIG (Barr) Godwin Chijioke Nwobodo

A representative of donkey breeders association, DIG (Barr) Godwin Chijioke Nwobodo

(Rtd) has revealed that the government has regulated the killing of donkeys. He made this

revelation at the stakeholders’ workshop on donkey breeding and processing held in Abuja

on 15th August, 2021.

Regulation of killing of donkeys, according to him is to prevent extinction of donkeys. To

this end, he said government has ordered the regulation of killing of donkeys until the animals get to certain age in their lives. This is to prevent a situation whereby the animals will go into extinction. He posited that the regulation will lead sustainable development of the donkey value chain.

He argued that the present generation should be doing business in such a way that there will be something left for future generation. He puts it thus, “We cannot just finish everything and those who are coming after us will not have anything to rely on”

He added that the idea is not just to kill and process donkeys, but to do the business in a

sustainable manner that will keep the business going.

He cited lack of finance as one of the problems facing the sector. Another problem he

mentioned is adjusting to the new regulation which has prolonged the age at which donkeys

can be slaughtered.


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