Anambra Day 2021: non-participants may not be allowed into the venue

Chief Arinze Anadu, ASTPA PG
Ijele Masquerade

Anambra Day is biannual mini carnival being organized by Anambra State Towns People Association (ASTPA). The carnival is an avenue to showcase the culture of people of Anambra State living in Abuja.

There are over 150 towns in Anambra State and any of them that have their people living in Abuja can belong to ASTPA.

Anambra Day usually holds in a large ground to give room for participating towns to have their stands and spectators to have clear view of activities at the carnival.

The last edition (2019) took place at the Moshood K. Abiola National Stadium. The last two edition (2017) was held at the Eagle Square. These two places have ample ground spaces for participating towns to have their stands. And there are covered stands for spectators from within and outside Nigeria to watch the event at the two venues.

The 2021 edition of Anambra day will hold at the M & M Event Centre. The centre is an indoor space and can hold limited number of people.

According to a reliable source, the organizers have restricted the number of persons that can represent a town to only 26 persons. In previous editions towns were free to take the centre stage with as many people as possible when it is their turn to showcase their culture.

From all indications, if at least 120 towns register to be part of this year’s event the venue will seem too small to accommodate participants and the growing number of loyal spectators who have become used to the rich cultural display at the previous carnivals.

The year’s event, the organizers said will be inform of symposium where intellectuals from Anambra State will be keynote speakers. They also said that there will be opportunity for towns to have dance display that will feature not more than eight persons.

So, the sitting space on the floor of M&M event will barely be enough for participating towns (with 26 persons each) and some space at the high place for a few dignitaries. Then it will be very hard to accommodate spectators in whatever space that might be available.

As Anambra state has people of means, the next-door International Conference Centre (ICC) would have been more ideal for an indoor mini carnival like Anambra Day. The ICC has a larger ground space than M&M event centre. It has gallery that can hold up to a thousand persons. The organizers can still reach out to people to help them secure the ICC or a similar venue so that some loyal spectators will be part of the 2021 Anambra Day celebration.


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