Bakers to withdraw services nationwide – AMBCN

Hon. Jude Okafor (2nd L), Alhaji Mansur Umar (2nd R)

The leadership of the Association of Master bakers and Caters of Nigeria (AMBCN) has resolved that their members will withdraw their services nationwide by 23rd September, 2021.

AMBCN is the Umbrela body of bakers and caterers in Nigeria. The body has over 400,000 members throughout the federation.

The economic downturn has affected the businesses of bakers and caterers in Nigeria. This has led to rise in price of bakery inputes in the last couple of months. For example a bag of 50kg flour used cost N15,000.00 (fifteen thousand naira only), but at the time of issuing the resoulution on September 9th, 2021 the price is ₦21,000.00. Other bakery inputs like Sugar, yeast etc also are witnessing high price increment.

Another big challenge confronting bakers is NAFDAC tarrif. They complained that instead NAFDAC reviewing the tarrif downwards, they increased by 100%.

The executive of AMBCN during their National Executive Council Meeting held on 9th September, 20201 made the resultion to withdraw their services nationwide. This withdrawal will last for one week in the first instance. They said their members will use the period to fumigate their bakers.

The resolution was issued during the press release read by the President Alhaji Mansur Umar at the meeting.

Except from the press release is as follows:

“The National Executive Council of Master bakers comprising over 400,000 members in Nigeria AMBCN NEC in session after the meeting of 9th Sept, 2021 at Roses Hotel, Abuja hereby resolve as follows:

  1. That since our last NEC meeting of 25th May, 2021, Non of our appeal and demand from flour millers and Government have been granted/Considererd. Viz: Non provision of concessionary Foreign Exchange to flour Millers and reduction of the tarriff on imported wheat.
  2. The price of flour has been risen from N15,000 then to now N21,000 per 50kg flour, sugar have risen from N18,000 to now 21,500, Yeast from N14,000 to N20,000 etc.
  3. That NAFDAC Tariff regime instead of being reviewed downward, has now been increased by over 100%
  4. Consequently, the National Executive of Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria hereby resolve that effective 23rd of September 2021, all its members Nationwide are directed to commence total withdrawal of Services for a period of one week in the first instance. Within this period, members are advised to carryout comprehensive fumigation of their bakeries. The national executive council shall reconvene as at when necessary to take further decisions”.

The withdrawal of service is to let the authorities engage with the executives of AMBCN on how to save the business of bakers.

The press release was signed by both president, Alhaji Mansur Umar and the secretary Hon. Jude Okafor.

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