Security gadget is a necessity for every home – Ekedebe

The Managing Director of Bullaugen International Technology Ltd, Chinedu Ekedebe has posited that security gadgets are necessity in every house hold. He made this disclosure in Abuja when speaking to news men.
Chinedu Ekedebe whose company Bullaugen International Technology Ltd is into the distribution of a known brand of security gadgets – High Vision, says High Vision deals in everything that concerns security gadgets.
He said the most common among the security gadgets is CCTV cameras. His company, among other things do access control systems which include metal scanners and baggage scanners for airports.
He noted that because of the increase in insecurity in the country, people now go for security gadgets. But he pointed out that security gadgets are necessity and that people should not wait until there are issues before going for gadgets.
Ekedebe revealed that gadgets go in pairs most of the time. He gave an example of the Ebeano Super Market that got burnt recently.
According to him, the building would not have been destroyed if the other component of the gadget was in place. That other component he said is fire detector.
He observed that some of the challenges in the industry are lack of awareness. Another problem is the architecture of the building. He explained that most buildings were not pre-wired for the installation of security gadgets.
He then advised that security plan should be part of every building from the architectural design.

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