We need Govt assistance to fight quacks

Dr. Isah Yakubu (L); Mustapha S. Dauda (M); and Ahj. Aminu Daudawa ( R )

The chairman of Modern Traditional Medicine Practitioners of Nigeria (MTMPN), Niger State Branch, Dr. Isah Yakubu has called on the government to help the association fight the activities of quacks in the industry. He made this plea during a workshop organized by the parent body in Abuja.

He pointed out that the association is helping in no small way in ensuring wellness in the country.

According to him some of their members can cure common health problems like: snake bite, stroke, broken bones, hypertension, barrenness, etc.

He revealed that some of their members can cure such complex spiritual issues like madness, licking pocket, etc.

On the efficacy of traditional medicine, he says the association needs support in order to regulate the practice of the profession and put in place guidelines for members of the association.

The secretary of the association in Niger State, Mustapha S. Dauda said that traditional medicine practice in Nigeria has been modernized and posits that the association needs help from government to be of international standard.

On the other hand, the patron of the association in Niger State, Alh. Aminu Daudawa says he believes the government can help the association become great and expose and get rid of quacks from the industry. He wants members of the association to come together and form a common front that will serve the public better.


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