R & D needs more funding in Nigeria – SSAUTHRIAI

Research and development (R&D) is the bedrock of development in any nation. Western nations have been progressing due to their consistent investment in the area of research and development. Asia Tigers are able to move out of third world nations to where they are now because they invested heavily in research and development and have maintained same since they discovered the benefits.

R & D is mostly carried out by research institutes in any country. In Nigeria they are manly agencies that are solely established to carry out research and develop the result of their findings for commercialization. One of such institutes is Project Development Institute (PRODA), Enugu.

R & D is capital intensive because of many stages of testing and retesting that might lead to further observations before presenting the result for commercialization.

In this regard, the Senior Staff Association of Universities, Teaching Hospitals Research Institutes and Associated institutions (SSAUTHRIAI) has called on the federal government to allocate more funds to R & D because of the strategic importance it has in the life of any developing nation, which Nigeria is one.

During SSAUTHRIAI National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in PRODA Enugu, the General Secretary of the association, Dr. Ezekiel Popoola reiterates the need for more funding for R & D. His words; “If we must develop as a nation, we must pay adequate attention to research and development and allocate more funds to it”. He regrets the present situation whereby universities and research institutes are underfunded, making it hard for them to come up with better results. He adds “It is very unfortunate that most research carried out in the nation universities and research institutes were not adequately funded hence the poor results”.

He points that the country has a good number of research institutes with qualifies researchers who have not been able to harness their abilities due to inadequate funding of their institutes.

However, Dr. Popoola praises the chairman of the governing board of PRODA, Comrade Daniel Onjeh and the acting DG/CEO of PRODA, Dr. Fabian Okonkwo for their doggedness in managing the affairs of the institute in the areas of staff welfare and harmony, etc. 


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