Experanza-Momoh Foundation touches hearts

An NGO, Experanza-Momoh Foundation has provided food items to the vulnerable in the society. The NGO made available food stuffs to the needy during what it calls non-stop giving.

The NGO has been having monthly programmes of giving out food stuffs to the vulnerable in the society, but recently decided to introduce an occasional 15-day non-stop giving. In reaching out to the need, they choose to be going through churches and mosques.

This particular episode took place in the True Church of God (His Grace Parish) Mararaba. About one hundred small bags of rice, 100 cartons of noodles and other soup condiment were shared to the needy under the supervision of the resident Pastor of the Church, Pastor N. Godspower

Experanza-Momoh Foundation is into other philanthropic activities. The NGO assists women to have their own children through IVF. The NGO has scholarship scheme where scholarships are given to over 200 students annually on full scholarship. The NGO is also into outreaches where they give aids to vulnerable groups in the society.

The NGO which is solely funded by Mrs. Experanza Momoh through her conglomerate, the Jamoh Group. They are partnering with Churches and Mosques in order to be able to reach the real people who are really in need.

The resident Pastor of the Church, Pastor Godspower prays that the Almighty God will bless the founder of the NGO so that she will impact on the lives of many Nigerians.


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