Young Musician says Burna Boy is his Idol

The music industry has been evolving from the days of the old. The tradition in the industry has been respect for stars who others look up to for mentorship and possible collaboration.

Recently Burna Boy, the rave of the moment in Nigerian music scene took the centre stage when he won Grammy in “Global Music Album” with the album, “Twice as Tall”. since then, it has been Burna Boy all the way, both in the music industry and the secular world.

The industry celebrated him and a lot of upcoming musicians are not left out as a young musician by the name Wisdom Samuel Ogboji (aka Rap King) declared openly his love for the Global music icon. Rap King, who is based in Abuja says Burna Boy is his Idol and wishes to meet with him one of these days.

When asked what he will do the day he will meet Burna Boy. Here is his response; “if I meet Burna Boy I will just prostrate”.

Rap King has been active in the music scene since 2016. He has some studio songs that are being played in some radio stations across Nigeria. He intends to land a big collaboration via his manager. He does hip hop and rap.

Rap King believes in the effectiveness of constructive criticism as he says it makes one to know what is needed by the fans.


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