Onwa promises to revitalize Anambra Day

Anambra Day is a biannual socio-cultural celebration of the people of Anambra State living in Abuja. All the towns in Anambra State whose people are living in Abuja and are registered with Anambra State Towns Peoples Association (ASTPA), are eligible to be part of the event that comes up every two years.

Overtime the event has never had full attendance by all the towns/communities living in Abuja. This can be attributed to kind of leaders who have headed the association. 

Once in a while there used to be a kind of membership drive by organs of the association; but such exercise has not been able to get all towns to be part of the event.

As election is coming up to elect new executive members of ASTPA, some tested hands are vying to lead the association to an enviable height. One of such people is Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie (ONWA). The irony of the forthcoming election is that most of the people who are vying for one position or the other has served ASTPA in the past. It means that all have good knowledge of the association.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, ONWA promises to revitalize the Anambra Day. He says that we will endeavour to encourage all town/communities to be part of ASTPA, which is the only association of Igbo State town unions in Abuja.

ONWA has good administrative pedigree that will enable him to revitalize Anambra Day if elected as the President General (PG), ASTPA. 

He has been the Chairman Ukpor Improvement Union, Abuja branch; President Rotary Club of Asokoro; Director of rotary Foundation, Rotary Club of Asokoro; President African Arts and Cultural Heritage Association; Former treasurer, ASTPA; Current Vice President General, ASTPA, and many more.


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