Women empowerment will engender development and poverty reduction – Pauline Tallen

The Honourable Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen has posited that empowering women will bring about development and poverty reduction. She made the assertion at the 2021 Women National Business Agenda Policy Dialogue held in Abuja. The event was put in place by the Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN). The theme of the event is “Women Leadership and Economic Equality”.

Dane Pauline Tallen noted that closing the gender gap in the society will make achieving the sustainable Development goals and the Africa agenda 2063 easier but continuous delays will make it seem as mere illusion. This made her to say; “There is a growing consensus that women empowerment, if well promoted responds to women’s engagement in productive activities that engenders development and poverty reduction.

She believes that collaboration among women is key in getting it right and added that, “Let’s change our strategy by loving and supporting each other”.

The minister of Transportation Hon. Chibuike Amaechi was at the event to lend support to the campaign for gender equality. He pointed out that women are by far more intelligent than men and urged them to make it noticeable in all their endeavors. He puts it this, “Please don’t ask that something should be set aside for you, ask for your right. Ask yourselves basic questions on what to do to alleviate poverty”.

The National Coordinator of ANWBN, Mrs. Modupe Oyekunle gave a brief his of the association. She says it was formed seven years ago with 52 associations.

According to her, the association has five key priorities areas to address. They are insecurity; poor road network; lack of power; gender inequality, and access to finance.

A member of trustee of ANWBN, Iyalode Alaba Lawson enjoined women to come together and make Nigeria and Africa great. Her words, “If we can unite, we can get ourselves together. If we walk together we can go far and make a good impact in this great country”.

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