Take acting as hubby, have other sources of income – Kenneth Okonkwo

A veteran Okonkwo actor and pioneer member of Nigeria film industry, the Nollywood, Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo has advised that aspiring actors should take acting as hubby and have other sources of income, so that if such a person could not make it in acting, he/she could fall back on those other sources of income for his/her livelihood.

He pointed out that he was already a graduate of Business Administration and was gainfully employed by the time they came out with the famous movie “Living in Bondage”. “I was already a graduate, a professional in a distinguished field, that is Business Administration and I was already working.

“My advice is that anybody who wants to go into entertainment should take it as a hubby”.

According to him, the entertainment industry, all over the world is selective, which means that not all will make it big in the industry. He related how they persevered in the beginning without much financial reward until the industry got to the stage it is today. “We were not paid much, but we still persevered because the whole idea was not in receiving big money but in doing what your passion is all about”.

That a lot of actors in the industry are not making financially is not out of normal as he said that it’s not everybody will be rich in the industry. In the light of the above, he advised actors and aspiring ones to have something to fall back on; so that if fortune fails to smile at them while acting, they will see what to hold onto. “As you can see, I read Business Administration, I read law, I am a columnist. So, by the time you combine what I am doing, a businessman, an actor, a lawyer, a politician and these things don’t have retirement age (I will have what to fall back on),” he concluded.

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