Jummai Ahmadu breaks new ground, writes book on Abuja

The founder of “Helpline for the Needy” Dr. Jummai Ahmadu has added another feather to the number of noble things she has been doing. She ventured into the noble art of writing by authoring the book “Abuja: The Evolution and development of a Capital city”.

The book is a compilation of the activities of Ministers of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It covers political and social events in the FCT Since 1998 to date.

The launch of the book attracted Ministers of FCT or their representatives. In her comment about the book at the launch, Dr. Jummai Ahmadu said” it’s an instructive and incisive literature that highlights the activities and achievements of FCT Ministers from 1998 to date. 

“The book is part of my humble contribution to the development of Abuja, the new FCT”.

Dr. Ahmadu’s pet NGO “Helpline for the Needy” is aimed at building a society where vulnerable children, youth and women (especially widows) can have access to essential things of life like quality healthcare, education and equal opportunities to become who they hope to be.

About 70% of beneficiaries of activities of the NGO are girls mostly from the North -Central which is made up of FCT, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, Kwara and even Kaduna State.

Dr. Jummai Ahmadu is from Ofante Local Government Area of Kogi State.


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