Babachir Lawal scandal: Witness honoured with Integrity Award

The celebrated case of former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Babachir Lawal and for others which was about diversion of fund and criminal conspiracy, as charged by the EFCC has come and gone but not without impacting on the society. The SGF was removed from office and the case proceeded; but that is not the issue in this story.

The thrust of this piece is that the event that culminated in removal of Babachir David Lawal as the SGF created a hero in the person of Hamza Adamu Buwai. He was the head of Finance, Presidential initiative for North East (PINE) which was under the SGF. He was responsible for all the payments made by PINE to contractors, consultants and staff in the said grass cutting scandal.

Hamza Adamu Buwai’s integrity was put to test when he was made the first prosecution witness in the case. When he was called to testy in the case before Justice Jude Okeke of Federal High court Maitama, he brought out his record books and serialized what he knew about the incidence without fear or favour. He was not afraid of indicting anybody or trying to secure his Job against the reality of the matter, rather he read through his records and answered all questions from stakeholders in the case according to his conscience and equity.

The whole nation was watching him all through the case, and he did not disappoint anybody.

For being upright and unbiased in his witness before Nigerians and in fact the world that had interest in the case, his integrity rating rose above expectation.

For being a good ambassador of the Civil Service and Nigerians at large; the organizers of Public Service Award singled him of for Public Service Integrity Award.  The award was high commended by the public, and commentators said he should be recommended for higher responsibility.

Currently he is the director of finance in the federal ministry of Industry trade and investment. More organizations are on the line to confer on his honours for his exemplary bravery.

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