Nigeria is sinking because of bad governance – Aliyu

he hardship in Nigeria is alarming that a group of Youths from the North are calling on Sen Rochas Okorocha to come to the rescue of the country by vying for the presidency come 2023.

The Group, Assurance for good Governance through the chairman Aliyu Ahmed Bazza, the Vice Chairman, Ibrahimm Abdulmalik Malumfashi, and the woman leader, Hadiza Mohammed Okolo is asking Sen Rochas Okorocha to come out in the 2023 election and become the president of the country as the group has firm belief that he would win based on his track record of achievements and humanitarian works in the North and other parts of the country.

The Chairman says “We as an association, mostly from the north want to see this country saved from bad governance, for Nigeria is sinking, because of “Bad governance”. On the other hand, the women leader posted that things are very hard in the country especially for the youth. She puts it thus, “To be frank with you” the youths are suffering too much, that is the fact”.

On his part, the Vice Chairman of the group puts his thoughts thus, “As you can see, Nigeria is sinking. We are having a lot of differences which are politically motivated”.

On why the group prefers Sen Rochas Okorocha to other people who are interested in becoming the president of Nigeria in 2023, the chairman of groups says that Sen. Okorocha has done a lot remarkably things in the North that people believe he will do more when he becomes the President. “Sen. Okorocha has multi ethnic cultural background, and we in the north believe that he is from the north; southern people believe that he is from the South. This is the type of person we need”, he admitted.

So, the group wants Sen Okorocha to become the president of the country in 2023 and revive the country for better.

The group was at a stakeholders meeting Sen Rochas Okorocha organized in Abuja, towards actualizing his ambition of becoming the president of the country in 2023. 


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