Demise of history books creates vacuum in learning – Idoko-Akoh

Books written in commemoration of past events of a society and used for educating pupils and students about stages in life before they were born has been sources of Knowledge of development of human race over time. These days there is visible dearth of history books, mainly because there is no viable means of recouping money spent in writing such books. This is caused by the abolition of history as a course of study in the country, Nigeria.

Writing good history book require a lot of research to avoid writing untrue or unascertainable information about a group of people which might lead to litigation. Intensive research and consultation in writing of history books and most practical books involve huge about of money which can only be recovered through continuous purchases by students as they use such work in their academic pursuit.

The above problem was captured by Barr Siaka Isaiah Idoko-Akoh of Achile Chambers during the launch of a book written by Junmai Audu. The title of the book is: Abuja The Evolution and Development of a Federal Capital City.

After going through the content of the book, Barr. Akoh appreciated the effort put in gathering the materials in the book and inferred that, “Documenting now for the future is a beautiful thing”.

The launch of the book opens a sense of loss of precious value in the life of many Nigerians who studied history growing up. They recalled with Nostalgia some great historians like Onwubiko and co. It also creates a vacuum in our knowledge bank and archives. To this Barr. Akoh posited that “The demise of history in our schools is a major problem, because in future we will pay for not creating history.

As a stakeholder in the education sector, and a concerned Nigeria, Barr. Akoh revealed that he will be launching a book in matter of months as his own contribution in enriching the body of knowledge in the interest of future generation.


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