Many traders disobey COVID-19 Protocol – Anukam David

Anukam David Chibuzo

Covid-19 pandemic brought the year 2019 to a sad end and continued its devastating effects on human beings and their activities ever since then. It started in Wuhan Province of China. It took the greatest percentage of human mortality in Italy, but the highest number of dead in the United States of America.

Businesses were brought to their knees with the aviation industry most hit. This led to the introduction of Covid-19 protocol; A set of guidelines on how people should relate to one another irrespective of whether they have the virus or not. The common ones are the use of soap to wash hands under running water for at least 20 seconds. Another one is the use of sanitizer made of a good percentage of alcohol; Then social distancing by staying at least two meters from the next person, etc.

Anukam David Cibuzo is the Chairman of Garki International Market, Abuja, where there are many traders doing their business on market days (Mondays-Saturdays). During a visit to the market to see the level of compliance to Covid-19 protocol by the traders in the market, this reporter had a chat with the chairman and he revealed that many traders in the market disobey covid-19 protocol as put in place by the authorities.

According to him some of the traders in the market only displayed their bucket of water and soap anytime they knew there would be Covid-19 task force in the Market and thereafter stopped bringing them out. “When they hear that officials are coming everybody is bringing it out in the open, forgetting that this should be a constant thing”, he revealed.

He said this attitude of most traders forced the market leadership to set up Covid-19 Task force to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the market from being shut down by the FCT-Authorities.

He further warned that anybody who is in the habit violating Covid-19 protocol around the market will be handed to the authority for prosecution. 

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