Why there was low crime rate during the season – NSCDC Commander

Mathias Ohiemi

Festival seasons are often characterized by movement of people from one place to another, especially from their place of business to some other locations either on special duty or for leisure.

During these periods, there is always visible reduction in number of people in the cities. And this creates opportunities for criminal elements to perpetrate their act thereby putting challenges on security operatives.

In the FCT, which is characterized by high density population in the suburbs, the security agencies were put on their toes to be able to contain crimes generally during the season. There used to be crimes like burglary, armed robbery, car snatching, and vandalism etc, during festive seasons.

These threats to lives and properties of the city dwellers pose seriously challenges to the capabilities of the security operatives in cities.

The FCT security operatives worked in synergy during the season to be able to keep crime rate at low ebb.

The Commander and of the NSCDC in FCT,  Mathias Ohiemi whose organization is a big stakeholder in security of the FCT said crime rate in the FCT was contained and reduced to its barest minimum during the season. He said this feat was possible because all the security agencies in FCT worked in synergy.

He revealed that his organization had to pll out almost every personnel from the offices to join the operation to tackle crime during the season. They made the offices to have skeletal services.

As at early weeks of January, personnel pulled out of offices to join crime prevention were yet to return to their duty posts. He said his organization will gradually adjust by the end of the month of January.

The success achieved by NSCDC during the season was a function of proactive planning and strategy brought to bear by the new head of NSCDC who brought in new thought and expertise to crime prevention which was part of what got him elevated as the commanded of NSCDC FCT command.

With this success he achieved in collaboration with other security organization, he is expected to keep improving on the successes of the season.

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