Urban security: The FCT example

Bala Ciroma

Urban Security entails containing security challenges of crimes like organized crime, sexual violence, vandalism, terrorism etc.; in an urban setting and its adjourning environment, like Abuja and its satellite towns and suburbs. Security of life and properties of inhabitants of an area is the crux of security operation and it involves the application of skilled manpower and modern technology.

Abuja as an urban setting has witnessed a lot of security challenges and has metamorphosed over time in success and dynamism.

The FCT since its creation was meant to be unique in every aspect especially in the area of security of its inhabitants and visitors.

This means that security organizations in charge of the city must be on to top of their game. The police in this case are the leader of the team as it is mainly civil society. The army and other security agencies are also part of it but the police are at the front line.

Policing in FCT is meant to be exemplary and so experienced personnel have always been mandated to lead the team in securing the FCT. The best of security gadgets is always put into use in the FCT because of its uniqueness.

Over time standards are set by successive CPs in the FCT and any CP who fails to measure up is replaced without delay. Capabilities of any CP posted to FCT are measured by the number of years (one of the yard sticks) he served in FCT.

And any CP who distinguishes himself in FCT is always sent for a higher demanding position.

The current CP of FCT, CP Bala Ciroma will go down the history book as one of the few CPs that excelled in the FCT.

On his arrival, it did not take him too much time to put his ideas to work. He communicated his work plan to his subordinates who immediately keyed into it and together they have been setting new records that will be hard for his successor to break. Activities and achievements of gallant officers like CP Ciroma (in every aspect of policing), in most cases lead to the removal of their successor early from office because they always find it hard to cope with. It is only few officers with versatility and dedication to duty that often perform exceptionally well like CP Ciroma when they are posted to FCT

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