The reason Govt retained SARS Commanders

DCP Abba Kyari

Ability to maintain and uphold good conscience makes a man acceptable in society. When one is upright in whatever he does, bearing in mind the stakeholders that look forward to his service, he will go far in his chosen profession and in life.

One’s allegiance is first to his employer and then to other stakeholders. And one is expected to meet up with the expectations of his office as drafted by his employers. It is on that premise that his discretion will be based while discharging his duties.

DCP Abba Kyari and his peers were given special tasks based on their track record in crime fighting. In the course of discharging his duties he excelled beyond expectation that those who were meant to watch and criticize his performance, keep on recommending for honors and higher responsibilities for him.

As a humble personality he is, DCP Abba Kyari did not allow his achievement to derail his sense of judgment and conscience. He remained upright in discharge of his duties without being biased in going about his duties.

One might be surprised to hear that DCP Abba and his peers in the leadership of SARS and its other sister agencies were accused of operating outside of the dictates of their duties as was given to them during inauguration for the special duty; which is not true.

Even though there might be a few bad egg elements in the system, they could not be acting on the instructions of the highly upright and patriotic DCP Abba Kyari and other leaders of the SARS and sister organization.

Because disciples in the police system is not publicized, members of the public may not be aware of how airing offices and rank and file are treated any time they are caught.

When the end SARS riot broke out, many in the group asked that DCP Abba Kyari and his colleagues in the leadership of SASR should be removed. Their calls were not ignored, the authorities immediately summoned DCP Abba Kyari and his peers in the special squad teams. What happened?

They were found to be upright and patriotic in the discharge of their duties and were then charged to maintain the high standard they have set in crime fighting.  

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