Nigerian Legion expresses commitment to welfare of relatives of fallen Heroes

By Kennedy Dimaku

Zonal Commandant in charge of South West Zone of Nigerian Legion Corps of Commissionaire, Alonge Akinwunmi, has said that his organization is committed to welfare of family members of fallen heroes.

Akinwunmi who was in Ondo on a routine visit as one of the commands that made up South West zone said that the visit which coincided with the governorship election in Ondo was to strengthen the corps to live up to their roles.

The Zonal commandant who had earlier visited Oyo and Osun States said he would continue the tour to other states under his zone.

According to him, Nigerian Legion Corps of Commissionaire is a federal government sponsored organization aimed at providing employment for men and women and officer that have distinguish themselves from services of Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Air force. And people who are above eighteen years who are Nigerians and want to be part of the system.

He pointed out that the functions of the corps include but not limited to surveillance of critical infrastructure, School crime prevention, provision of security to ministries, departments and agencies, participate in community conflict resolution, etc.

He stated that for any person to join the corps, such a person must attain eighteen years and above, and must have a track record of enviable character. He added that the corps profiles and conducts background check on a would-be member in accordance with its rules and regulations.

He said, “Our engagement is very simple: we are to provide surveillance to critical infrastructure. We are to engage in prevention of juvenile crimes such as cultism, hooliganism, drug abuse, rape etc. in our various schools and we also engage in humanitarian services and welfare of families of fallen heroes.

On peaceful coexistence he advised Nigerians, “This is the only country that we have got. We should be proud of it as individual. We should support the effort of the government towards ensuring peace for us as a nation. We should cooperate with our gallant men and women who are fighting to ensure peace is achieved particularly those of them that are engaged in hostility in the North East and North West part of the country. The truth of the matter is that day in day out, we bear the brunt. Because you discover that anytime our soldiers go out there to fight, we lose one or two, they are left with wives, they are left with children and relations in some cases. This, of course, is bringing inconvenience to us as nation. I want all of us to join hands together as citizens and put the peace of this nation as one of those things that is of importance to us.

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