If the Fulanis are not included in scheme of things, goals will not be achieved – Miyetti Allah President

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The National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal HORE, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodejo spoke to newsmen recently about the role the Fulanis play in the scheme of things in the country and other national issues. Excerpts:
May we know you officially?

I am Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, The National President Miyetti Allah Kautal HORE

What message do you have for the people of Nigeria?

Two or three months ago, what has been happening in Nigeria on covid19; the way the virus has been spreading amongst people especially at this Sallah celebration period, those who are privileged to go to the mosque should be thankful to God. We thank God for the privilege of today, for it is a thing of joy in Nigeria to Muslims and Islamia

There is a committee fighting covid19

I will like to draw the attention of the government, ministers and the larger authority in the covid19 committee. They have forgotten about the onion (proverb); they don’t take the Fulani along when doing some things. It’s obvious that involving the Fulanis has resulted to great results. I will like to advise that the Fulani be included in anything that is done as that would create room for success. A proper check on the covid19 committee shows that the Fulani are the majority. There are places where people are not aware of covid19 or even knowing who the victims of the virus are or not.

As we continue to put in our best, we hope that the government would intervene. If the Fulani are not included or carried along, our goal will not be achieved. We have some problems affecting the Fulani and as it is, it is more than corona problem; we are facing many problems. When we return to Abuja, markets should be opened as before. The Fulani in the community are trying their best.

They fried oil and left onion (proverb). They are trying their best to see what they can do but we still call on the government to interfere as we can achieve progress by doing that. I also urge that the Fulani be included in all that is done as that would aid people to not just fight covid19 only but war against peace. If the Fulani are included, there is a tendency of having peace.

We are thanking God and putting the vigilante group of Nigeria, what support do you need from the government?

We held a meeting and I will listed some of the things we would do.
Firstly, peace in the country and some are trying to steal it. Even though the Fulani have no hand in some happenings, they are blamed. Now his act will not be tolerated as the Fulani’s reputation is being tarnished. People shouldn’t suspect but be sure of a culprit.

It is noticeable that no language exists without fighting. Why then is it that the Yorubas are not blamed for the acts or doings of the Igbos but whenever anyone wears Fulani dress and commits an offence, the general Fulani would be blamed. We shouldn’t just stand and watch allegations laid on the Fulani’s.

Even when a Fulani is caught committing an offence, he or she should be identified individually and also punished according to the law. This has resulted to the quest for involvement in the vigilante. The reason is because in 2014, I was in Zamfara during the crisis in a village called An Sadau. I have noticed that the Fulani and vigilantes fight. They work together and understand each other. If the police, SS and military men are in search of someone, the Fulani will go in search and bring the person. The other organizations should note that the Fulani will also need their help. If this is done, all will go successfully.

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