Youth should embrace entrepreneurship and skill acquisition- Ile Odekina

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The proprietor of Barclayz Guest House who is also the owner of Barclayz Garden, Mr. Emmanuel Ile Odekina has enjoined youths to embark on entrepreneurship and skill acquisition. He made the statement when he was honoured by “Youth In Nigeria Initiative”.
The President of Youth In Nigeria Initiative, Mr. Kodinya Dangana said the group which is an NGO chose Mr. Odekina for the award for his achievement so far as a young person in the area of entertainment and youth empowerment. He said that his organization recognizes and appreciates hard work, hence the need to honour Mr. Odekina. He pointed out that the award will spur Mr. Odekina to aspire higher.
The NGO was formed in Taraba State some years back and now has representatives in all the states of the federation and FCT.
In his response to the award given to him by Youth In Nigeria Initiative, Mr. Emmanuel Ile Odekina said he was full of joy that his peers recognized him to be honoured for his contribution to the youth and the society.
Mr. Emmanuel Ile Odekina hails from Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State and he is an Igala by tribe.
He started his first human endeavor in oil and gas industry in a company called Mediterranean which was affiliated to Oando Plc. The company later broke off and went fully into oil and gas company.
After some four years with Mediterranean he disengaged and formed his own organization.
When his former company had crisis, it was his own company that provided succor to Mediterranean that they shifted a lot of their transactions to him. Eventually he took he took over their customers because of dwindling fortunes
It is after the incident that he realized he has become a full-fledged Business Man.
On why he was chosen for the award, he said he creates environment and employed youths to promote wellbeing in the hospitality industry.
He said the brand Barkley’s is a British franchise for football and that in today’s world football rules. He pointed out that football games bring both Christians and Muslims together and accommodates every one; male, female children, the youth and the elderly.
He runs two business outfits in the entertainment industry, the Barkleyz Guest House and the Barclayz Garden both within a distance of less than one kilometer in Jikwoyi Area of FCT, Abuja.
The Barkleyz outfits has over twenty persons on its pay roll; all of them youths.
On what the company will look like in the next five years he says ‘’My intention for Barclays is to grow ahead, add other establishments that will benefit the youth and the host community.
He then advised youths to embark on entrepreneurship and skill acquisition that will make them independent and create jobs for others.


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