Racism Is Barbaric, Retrogressive and Never A Solution

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By Favour Egbuta

G: Get Up To Your Rights Blacks!
E: Every Black Has Right To Live
O: Only GOD ALMIGHTY Has Right Over Life
R: Respect My Rights As Black!
G: Get Your Knees Off My Neck!
E: Every African Is A Human And Should Live

F: Feel Free To Love Me And I Will Love You Equally

L: Live And Let’s Live

O: Only GOD is the ARCHITECT Of Life, So, Do Not Take It!
Y: Your Life Is Not More Important Than Mine
D: Death Can’t Close My Mouth! “I CAN’T BREATHE”


GEORGE FLOYD, an African American Minneapolis resident in the United States of America, was pinned to the ground by a Mineasota Police officer, Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knees into the unarmed black man’s neck for nearly nine minutes and eventually sniffed life out of him.

GEORGE FLOYD who pleaded all along that he can’t breathe, became unconscious as he was being murdered by Derek Chauvin who was in the midst of other three police officers while the act was committed.

GEORGE FLYOD was suffocated for eight minutes forty six seconds (8 mins 48 secs) in the ugly incident that occurred on May 25, 2020.
His family didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him as his life was taken on the street.

Racism is barbaric, retrogressive and never a solution!
Let’s stop all vices and inhuman acts that are crippling the Black Race.

Africans and Blacks deserve empathy, respect and justice.
Racism is not what Black’s Live is worth.

The Black Race should wake up and ensure there’s not another Black Face on a T-Shirt been brutalised.

Enough is Enough!

There is the need to combat police brutality, violence and racial injustice.

This is a call for Justice and end to brutality against Africans in other countries.
Let us all stand in solidarity against discrimination and racism of the Black Race.

Let’s join hands and bring Africans up because, racism, abuse of human rights, marginalisation, corruption are choking us, We Can’t Breathe!

Let us imbibe the Spirit of Brotherliness and Oneness for we are all human beings created by the ONLY BEING, GOD ALMIGHTY WHO has the Right to and over every life.

GEORGE FLOYD body was laid to rest besides her Mother’s grave.


Where do you have “your knees” on someone’s neck?
Where are you chocking others?
Where are others pleading for you to get off their necks and let then go?

In your decision making, your place of work, do you choke your subordinates? Get your kness off their necks because “They Can’t Breathe”!

Do not squeeze life out of them I beg of you.
Do unto others EXACTLY what you’ll love to be done unto you, This is a Golden Rule!

Blacks Are Humans And Must Live!
Blacks’ Lives Matter
Live And Let’s Live!
One Love Keeps Us Together!


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