Obaseki has no problem with Oshiomole but with party leadership – Osagie

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Honorable Samson Raphael Osagie has said that the problem Governor Godwin Obaseki is having is not between him and Comrade Adams Oshiomole but with the APC leadership in Edo State. He made this known to news men in Abuja during a media chat.
He pointed out that the sin of Comrade Oshiomole is that he did not take sides with Obaseki. He revealed that Gov. Obaseki had an agenda he wanted to implement as soon as he was elected as the governor of Edo state. According to Hon. Osagie, Gov. Obaseki did not treat party members well. “The way Obaseki treated members showed he had an agenda to retire the political class”, he emphasized.
Hon. Osagie alleged the governor said he does not like Honorable Osagie and other politicians who the governor labeled old politicians.
Governor Obaseki has been accused by the political class in the state as saying that he the governor does not want to share money with anyone. To this claim, Hon. Osagie asks him who wants to share money with him. Hon. Osagie asks the governor to explain what he does with the security vote of over #600m (six hundred million naira only) per month.
He said the truth is that Gov. Obaseki assumed power with the mindset to cut pound of flesh from people.
Hon. Osagie complains that Gov. Obaseki runs the state without a valid legislative. “What you have in Edo state is a master who lacks basic human management skills”, he observed.
On the claim that Gov. Obaseki has contributed to the development of Edo state; Hon. Osagie says that such a claim is a lie. Putting the record straight he said Obaseki joined Comrade Oshiomole’s government as the chairman of Economic Advisory Team. And that the team was raising fund from the stock market. He pointed out that Obaseki was using his company to earn commission for whatever he was doing for the state, “He helped the state secure loans from here and there and he got commissions.
As far as l am concerned, he was a contract to the government” he submitted.
In addition he says what is happening in the state is the more you look, the less you see. Hon. Osagie agrees that Gov. Obaseki has done a few things like renovating abandoned buildings, tarring a few roads. These he says are necessities that any government should do. “But there is nothing spectacular that he has actually done that no other person can”, he retorted.
On how the political class will choose a candidate that will obey instructions, he rejected the idea of looking for a puppet governor who will obey instructions. He believes that nobody is ready to obey instructions once elected as a governor. He submitted that what the state needs is a governor that will apply emotional intelligence in governance of the state.
On what the party will do to present a credible candidate from the aspirants; he said that all the aspirants are credible except Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

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