Chief Eke frowns at violation of lock down order

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Chief Samuel Chukwuma Eke PhD, has frowned at the rate at which people violate the lock down put in place by the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The lock down was put in place after the discovery of index cases in some states of the federation and FCT.
The president had on 28th of March, 2020 announced 2 week lock down in Ogun State, Lagos State, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), for two weeks and possible extension. This was due to high index cases in these two states and FCT.
At the expiration of the initial two weeks he extended the lock down by another two weeks to terminate on 27th of April, 2020.
Part of the rules of the lock down is that people will not move outside their locality to buy food items or seek for medical attention. There shall not be gathering of people up to twenty in a place. This is to maintain social distancing which require that a person must stay away from another with at least one meter gap. The lock down led to stoppage of religious gathering, wedding, etc.
Chief Eke who went within the FCT to monitor the level of compliance noticed that people are not obeying that presidential order thereby endangering the lives of Nigerians in the face of outbreak of the pandemic in the country.
He then called on the authorities to do more in ensuring that people comply with the directive as meant for good of the generality of Nigerians. He also asked the authority to be equitable in sharing the COVID-19 palliatives across the county.

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