FFK takes a swipe at Kingibe

Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) is a focal Nigerian who has served the country in several was. He was the Minister of Aviation under the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He is against the idea of making Babagana Kingibe the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari. Below is the full text of his message;

“I will say this just once after which I will never mention or discuss him in this forum again. Baba Gana Kingibe is one if not the most dangerous, evil, treacherous and demonic souls that I have ever known and the very thougt that he wants to be President sickens and offends me. Though he is a Kanuri he is one of the greatest defenders of northern hegemony that has ever lived and he has a deep hatred for the south even though he pretends to love the Yorubas particularly.

He was made by the Fulani and he always serves their interests and purpose even though he has also betrayed every Fulani leader that has ever helped him. Apart from betraying his mentor and the man that gave him his first job and brought him into politics, Maj Gen Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, and leading him to his death, he also betrayed OBJ, who gave him his first break in life, MKO Abiola, who made him his running mate and Umaru Yar’adua who made him his SGF. He also betrayed Abacha, who made him his Minister of Internal and later Foreign Affairs, and he played a role in the death of Abacha’s son Ibrahim and others. Presently he is one of Buhari’s most trusted allies and hardliners and he operates covertly guiding matters secretly and from behind. He is their “expert advisor” on the south.

Though he is not Fulani he is far more powerful than people like Ismaila Isa Funtua in the cabal and second only to Mamman Daura. Most of all is that he is not just an ignorant northerner but a British public school trained man who went to Sussex University after finishing at Bishop Storfords College. I have known him for 48 years because during the days of the civil war when he was a student at Sussex University with men like the late Ibrahim Tahir he used to spend a lot of time in my father’s house in Brighton, England. I have known him well since and at one point he, myself, his ex-wife Ireti and my ex-wife Yemisi were very close. What he tried to do to me and all of OBJ’s loyalists and OBJ himself when Yar’adua was in power was callous and unimaginable.

He went as far as to accuse us of plotting a coup and some of us were investigated and questioned; All because he hated OBJ and because Jimi Lawal, El Rufai’s best friend, was having an affair with his wife Ireti. He is sophisticated, urbane, enlightened, suave, polite and as ruthless, deadly and murderous as a rattle snake. Worst of all is that he was trained by M16 who he still works for till today. His role and influence in the Nigerian intelligence agencies is legendary and still subsists till today. His hands are filled with blood and he has no conscience or remorse about anything he has ever done in the past. It amazes me that a man that is so much under the shadows and that is a well-known spook and spy should be considered by anyone at this stage of our history to run for the Presidency. It tells u that most adult Nigerians are still living in the dark and have NO knowledge of who did what in their own history. I urge everyone here to do their research.

A man like Kingibe is utterly deadly and unacceptable. Give him or anyone like him power and not only will we back to square one but no southerner will EVER smell power again. Finally let me add this. There is nothing that I have said here that I have not told him to his face. I did so in Nasr El Rufai’s house in 2011 just after he was kicked out of Yar’Adua’s govt, after Nasir lost his daughter and came back from exile. If I ever see him again I will say even worse.”


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