COVID-19 consumes Abba Kyari

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Coronavirus aka, COVID-19 started in China in the last quarter 2019, at Wuhan Province. By the end of 2019, China had felt the devastating effect of the pandemic.
In the same year it spread to other parts of the world in noticeable magnitude. Italy was worst hit initially when the pandemic went abroad from China.
The new deadly virus forced the entire universe to its toes due to the fact that it has no cure and kills fast. The best suggested ways to avoid the pandemic were to isolate index cases, avoidance of contact with patient, maintaining social distance, washing hands regularly with soap under running water or cleaning the hands with sanitizer.
By early 2020 the pandemic had reached almost everywhere in the world. To forestall the spread of the virus countries devised measures like stopping nationals of certain countries from entering their territory; thorough checking of people coming into their countries before finally locking down their countries when the virus seem to be spreading geometrically.
Mallam Abba Kyari who was the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria had travel to some countries with high rate of coronavirus infection (Germany, UK and Egypt) before returning to the country in late March 2020.
The rule had been that anybody who had traveled to countries with high index cases should go on self-isolation on arrival in their country and observed by medical experts for days to see if such person contracted the virus where he came from. Such person is discharged after thorough medical check.
It is expected that travelers have to submit themselves for check, as soon as they return from such trip. The case of Mallam Abba Kyari was different as he did not go on self-isolation after many days of his arrival to Nigeria. When he was eventually tested, the result showed positive and he announced it to the world and went on self-isolation. After some time in self-isolation in Abuja he was transfer to Lagos where he gave up the ghost in less than ten days, on the night of 17th April, 2020.
As a Muslim he was interred at the Gudu Cemetry before mid-day on Saturday 18th April, 2020.

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