AEDC asks community to donate electric pole

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The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has asked a settlement in Jikwoyi community of Abuja to donate an electric pole to be used to change a bad one in the area. Members of the settlement had tasked themselves the sum of #2000 (two thousand naira only), per house to replace a bad pole to prevent it from falling and probably causing some damages.
When some staff of AEDC who were distributing bills saw the new pole which was already mounted, they asked the leaders in the area to write a letter to district manager at Jikwoyi, telling him that the settlement residents have donated an electric pole to the company. He then advised them to ask the company to send workers to mount the pole and provide electric insulators to be used in holding the wires.
The leaders did as advised by AEDC staff and the pole was connected with the insulators supplied by AEDC.
Ideally it is the duty of AEDC to replace any bad pole in their service areas any time they become bad, but this time around they noticed the pole (though wood) was bad and had bent to a side noticeably and they pretended as if they did not see it. Maybe they were waiting for it to fall so that it will require a high budget from the office.
This very settlement in Jikwoyi had in 2016 bought a transformer when the one in the area was totally bad. Before then, they approached AEDC to replace the transformer but they were told it was not in their budget. When the community bought a new transformer which cost the sum of #8,500 each, the community was promised some years’ waiver of bill payment by AEDC.
This promise was not kept because in less than one year AEDC started sending them bills. The other issue is that AEDC has overloaded the transformer with new users instead of providing them with a new one.


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