It Is Good You Lost ; Ndume Tells Defeated Opponent ( Satumari)

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The Senator representing Southen Borno in the National Assembly, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has boldly told the runner up in the 2019 Sothern Borno senatorial election that it was better he lost the elections. Senator Ali Ndume of APC won the Southern Borno Senatorial seat and Mr. Kudla M. Satumai of PDP came second in a very controversial manner.

The election in the zone was shrouded by allegation of massive electoral malpractices because there was an attack by members of Boko Haram on the eve of the election and yet the result of the election showed maximum turnout.
Satumari went to challenge the result up to the Supreme Court but nothing was changed.

During an event in Abuja, Senator Ali Ndume told Kudla Satumai before a very large audience including Femi Fani Kayode that it was good Satumari lost the election. His reason was that politics is like a virus which when contracted will live with the patient until he dies.

He posited that Satumari is a good man who has touched lives of people in the zone. And he believes its better Satumari remains a philanthropist rather than contracting the virus called politics.

The irony of the whole thing was that the event was the 50th birthday of Kudla M. Satumari. At the event, Senator Ali Nduma said he was 61yrs and for that an elder brother to Satumari.

Eventually he advised Satumari to continue with his efforts toward representing his people in a larger sphere.

Senator Ali Nduma is one of the consistent members of the National Assembly: He has been elected in the house for five consecutive times-two times as House member and three times as Senator of Federal Republic. He contested for the position of Senate President in 2019 but lost to Senator Ahmed Lawan, who has being in the senate since 2007.


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