COVID-19 Will Develop Nigeria Health Sector

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Health care in Nigeria has never been taken seriously by successive governments. Nigeria is more of rural setting in terms healthcare and requires more of primary healthcare. Other health care provisions are equally needed because they complement each other.

Health care provision is prerogative of government at all levels. When these health facilities are not put in place, citizens resort to self-help to keep healthy.

Many diseases can only be taken care of in modern healthcare facility. Health facilities like maternity, hospitals, teaching hospital, research centres are in short supply in Nigeria. Where you find them; they are nothing to write home about. That is, they are not of international standard.

Provision of healthcare to the citizenry is the responsibility of government at all levels; federal state and local government. These arms of government are meant to provide these at affordable costs as the citizens are entitled to such basic necessity.

Well-meaning individuals in the country who have means have been building hospitals and healthcare facilities of international standard. These facilities are very few and cannot be handy in terms of pandemic like the COVID-19.

Government cannot boast of standard healthcare facilities that can be relived on when the need arises. This is evident when operations like liver, kidney transplant is the case.

Our elite have to travel to the USA, UK, China, India, Germany, etc. for such medical treatment when they fall sick. When an average Nigerian needs such surgery or transplant, the cost of transport and accommodation makes the cost seem out of this world.
Development of healthcare facilities has suffered neglect in the hands of successive government. Nigerians of means have good chunks of their personal budget spent on foreign medical trips. They never believed that there is anything good about Nigerian healthcare system. This is due majorly that they can easily fly out of the country to get treated even in countries that do not have more qualified medical personnel than Nigeria. They only have the facility in place and some of which are manned by Nigeria medical personnel.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and its attended menace on human life and economy has forced nationals of almost every country to be confined in their countries and be attended there if they contract the pandemic or if they have been having other medical cases.

Nigeria is now faced with shortage of these world standard facilities that the elite are seriously worried of what will be of them if they fall sick that might entail seeking treatment abroad.

Most politicians and wealthy people in the country do not go for medical treatment in the country. Any time they fall sick or feel symptoms of sickness, they rush out of the country and come back when their foreign doctors certify them okay.

As the people in the highest echelon of governance are restricted from traveling abroad for anything including medical treatment, the aftermath of this will force governments to embark on massive investment in the health sector. With this development, the common man in the street will benefit immensely too when the heath sector receives required attention and investment.

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