Perm Sec not friendly with staffers, is hate speech – Pat-Pythagoras

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By Chuks NZEH

A renowned media practitioner and anti-corruption crusader, Iwebo Pat-Pythagoras, has said that referring to the permanent secretary ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Alhaji Jalal Arabi, as not friendly with his former staffers at the State House, as hate speech.

He made this known recently in Abuja while interacting with anti-crusaders and journalists in Abuja, where he said we should use English language to unify our diversification.

He noted that, “An online publication reported Alhaji Jalal Arabi was not friendly with his staffers while in the Villa, immediately after his redeployment to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

“It was a hate speech and language mismanagement. Its ill effects are rather infinite. We need English to get in touch with each other and power the machinery of government business.

“For English Language to truly be a unifying language, we should use it carefully to entrench peace and unity among the various ethnic groups, if we must build a nation where though tribe and tongue differ, in brotherhood we stand.

“Our political leaders must spearhead the right use of English in leadership and use it to build bridges of peace and unity. It is herculean task to use colonial language in this largest Nation State in Africa, in view of the fact our seeming simple utterances can be interpreted divergently with multifarious meanings among the different ethnic and class groups. Like a snail hate speech carries with it ethnic strife, disunity, wars and mayhem, pillage, civil war, internally displaced persons.

“How do we hale the cat?
Hate speech is an ill wind which blows no one good. We must work to remove the hand of a monkey from the soup pot, lest it becomes the hand of a human being.” He said.


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