Armed Robbers invade Security Expert, Abuja home, guard maimed

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By Chuks NZEH

A renowned Security Expert and Human Rights Activist, Dr. George Uboh, has frowned at the increasing level of armed robbery in the Federal Capital Territory, citing his experience at his Mpape residence, Abuja, which left his security guard with self-sustained injury.

Dr. Uboh who made this known via a statement he shared recently with journalists in Abuja, noted that the robbers who came to his house were warded off by his security guard who sustained injury, but the robbers did not succeed.

Uboh said that, “At around 2:00 am in the morning, of Sunday, March 29, 2020, armed robbers gained entrance into my compound. They could not enter inside my house due to their inability to brake any of the entrance security doors.

They attempted to enter via my control room restroom window, but they could not because of the iron bars; though they destroyed the glass shower for my security. When my security tried to ward them off, he had a big cut hence bled on the restroom and control room floors. They broke three CCTV cameras.

After gunshots were released they fled. They left one of their phones when escaping. Minutes later they gained entrance into another home; while they were robbing that home the police arrived and shot one of them in the leg who is currently at the police station confessing. He confessed that they tried to rob my house; that when they did not succeed they went to another house where he was shot and captured. The statement said.

He said the case has been reported to the Police station in Mpape and the arrested armed robbers have transferred to the FCT, Anti Robbery Squad.

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