Rich Nigerians should start helping the poor – Sowho Darlington

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The CEO of Liberty Multi-purpose Cooperative Society, Dr. Sowho Darlington has said that rich Nigerians should start helping the poor in the society.

He made the call during the award ceremony organized by TRACYM VIP 360 EVENT at the Merit House Maitama Abuja. He observes that a big man living in the midst of poor people is not safe. His word, ‘’ If you are a big man in a community of poor people, you are not safe, your life is not safe. So for you to be protected, give meaningfully, not carelessly to those that are really in need”.

Dr. Darlington says he does not believe in having too much money. He posits that he can only be driving one car at a time, sleep in one room at a time and cannot live in two houses at the same time.
Dr. Sowho Darlington is a business man. He is into oil and gas. As an entrepreneur he makes money from organizing trainings. His organization, Liberty Multipurpose Cooperative Society has over 200 members spread across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

The philanthropist says he started giving when he was young because his parents are givers. But says he started officially in 2017. He has given assistance to a lot of people which were not documented.

He says he has recently started documenting those he has helped for publicity sake. Even though he believes in the bible adage that says when you give with right hand don’t let the left hand know.

It is on record that he has helped those who have medical challenges. He has given some money to pay their rent. He does extend assistance to people he meets on the street without knowing them before.

On the award by TRACYM VIP 360 EVENT, he said he never expected it but he believes it was because of his philanthropic works that they recognized him for the award.


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