Every genuine Igbo man must belongs to one town union – Diwe

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The National president of the Association of south East town unions aka Igbo Town union, Emeka Diwe has said that one cannot separate town union from the Igbo man. He said this at a forum organized by Federal Ministry of Finance and Budget Planning, Abuja
“The town union is the only structure that represents the Igbo man’s ideals. It predates the colonial era. It cuts across political, social, demographic and religious cleavages”, he emphasized. He posited that it is the original administrative structure by which the Igbo man administers himself prior to the arrival the white man in Nigeria.
According to him, every genuine Igbo man belongs to one town union or the other. And that any Igbo man who does not belong to any town union has a defective character, or he has been expelled from the town union.
He said that town union is like another name for the Igbo man. These structures he pointed out only exist in the communities.
He said that the union was formed about eight years ago. And because of the connectivity the union has with in town unions what decision made at the event, will reach the last man in the village in a matter of say two hours.

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