Leaders must lead by example: Tafawa Balewa

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A political heavyweight and the son of former president of Nigeria, Dr. Addo Jellil Tafawa Balewa talks on what needs to be done to maintain oneness in the country; Excerpts:

What do you expect should be done to move the county forward?

It is not really what to expect, it is what we should ask for. We should have open talk so that this country does not break up as was other western countries. We are not going to break up.
Nigeria has too many people at different level of thought. What we need to do is to look for happiness for everybody, no matter where you are.
The government needs to be more proactive so that there will be liberty, peace and hope in the country.

With the level of insecurity in the country, how can the country maintain oneness?

The world is worried about Nigeria will overcome its challenges. For some majority off educated illiterates abroad; they think that Nigeria is just a small space. They thought about Nigeria moving away from 419, drug business that we were associated with for a long time and is now moving to unrest, just like Ethiopia, Somalia and some parts of Sahel.
It is impossible to convince them that Nigeria is no longer what they used to think of like buying a cow when they only need a piece of meat.
There is something in our society that we must stop. When someone has an opportunity to serve the country, and to show himself/herself as a good example, they will try to mind themselves only.
This must stop. We must try to kind to the next person. We have heard about people that have stolen trillions and they are hiding it outside the country but there are a lot of Nigerians who need this money.
A leader has to have experience and something to give to the followers. Leaders must lead by example.


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