Explonect MEGA Services Ltd makes bold statement in Nigeria oil and gas sector

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The head of IT and logistics of Explonect Mega Services Ltd, Opara Augustine C. was at the just concluded Nigeria Oil and Gas Strategic Conference and International Exhibition held in Abuja, Nigeria with the team of the company staff. He says the company is an indigenous oil and gas firm based in Rivers State, and registered in 2012 to do business within the oil and gas sector.
“We provide general engineering services procurement, installation, inspection, construction and services”, he explains.
Opara says the organization was at the 2019 Oil and Exhibition to showcase their high quality water purification system which is manufactured in Europe and it is called Advanced Water Purification System. Explonect Mega services are the exclusive distributors of these products in the whole of West Africa.
“We are here to showcase this to the public. This water purification system is so good that it beats other forms of water purification”, he reiterated.
The water purification system, according to Opara is one the bests because it reduces the water structure the way it should be according to WHO standard and that company is showcasing them to both domestic as well as industrial users at the exhibition.
He says that the product will be of immense benefit to Nigerians. His words; “This will benefit Nigerian because you are sure of the water you are drinking and not buying water that was produced behind someone’s backyard that you are not sure of”.
The products of the company, especially the water purification system are individual and industrial users. So the company has many customers in the oil and gas sector.
As you can see our clients cut across major 10cs from petroleum mobile, we also have CSC investment limited. The list of our satisfied clients keeps growing by the day.
On the issue of local content, Opara made it clear that Explonect Mega Services Ltd is 100% Nigerian owned and has no foreign ownership. He boasted that the company is proudly promoting local content.
Explonect according to Opara has about twenty staff on permanent basis and ad hoc staff where there is project.
This is the first time the organization is featuring any exhibition or tour. “It has been a very good one. We have customers come by to make inquiries our product. So we look forward to turning them to sales that will benefit the company” says Opara.
One of the challenges the company is experiencing is finance. “Financing is high in Nigeria, even the requirements are not easily met by local companies that are why we don’t have a lot of local companies” he pointed out.
“But by God’s grace our company has been able to overcome some of these huddles and we are doing fairly okay”, he added.
On how many of their inputs are imported he says; “Reverse osmosis purification system, they are 100 percent made in Europe. We just make sales and installation, maintenance in Nigeria. Some other chemicals we need we get them from Holland and a few other specialized contents. But for fabrication, construction we do them 100% here”.


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