We have restructured and re-positioned the ministry of education – Sani

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Former Education Commissioner of Kaduna, Ja’afaru Ibrahim Sani, speaks on his stewardship in the state. Excerpts;
Sir, briefly narrate your tenure as the state Commissioner for Education.

We have succeeded in producing draft of Kaduna State education policy, first of its kind in this part of the country.
That policy is a laudable one because it is meant to guide subsequent managers in education will use over the course of our effective service delivery in the system.
We have restructured and repositioned the ministry and its key parastatals, we have been able to supervise about five hundred and twenty four public secondary schools and over four thousand public primary schools including the private schools we have in Kaduna State.
We are leaving behind well motivated and positioned teaching work force that is really enthusiastic in discharging their duties. We have welfare scheme that when it is implemented will see very good and qualified teachers working in the rural areas, as against the previous practice.
The infrastructural development is something we will continue upon. The administration has done tremendously well from May 29th 2015, when it assumed office to date.
We have made very many dilapidated structures in our schools, many of them without even a chalk board and now we have refurbished most of them. But there are quite a number that are still outstanding. We believe that in the next few years these will be addressed as well.

If you are reappointed as the Commissioner for Education what will the populace expect from you?

We will start on consolidation on the things we have achieved. We now have qualified teachers in our public primary schools. We are about recruiting seven thousand six hundred in public secondary schools.
What we will start and vigorously pursue is the continuous development of these teachers so that they can have the opportunity of really raising their skill to be in the position on a sustainable basis to be delivering effective teaching in our public schools. This will at least have the positive impact we desire.
I will again continue with the massive infrastructure uplift to make our public schools conducive for learning; the linkages with other renowned education institutions in the country or abroad to ensure that we continue with exchange of facilities for research and other things for our tertiary institutions.
We will venture into technology and innovation. For the State to continue to be relevant in job market of today and tomorrow, we needed to shift emphasis to Science and Technology.
Incidentally, I just attended a meeting yesterday where the State is preparing to come up with documentary that will spotlight these landmark projects and activities that have been implemented or are being implemented in the education sector particularly and the public sector generally. There are other publications that, perhaps the public information department is working on for our posterity so that people that will come after us, students that are conducting research will have the opportunity to have something tangible that they can hold.

How is the library in the secretariat funded?

The library is a work in progress. We met the library as it is now. The governor has granted approval for the expansion of the library so all our staff that always leave for in-service as soon as they return, they come back with thesis they have written either in their first graduate or second graduate studies and these are normally stored in the library in addition to other valuable information that students, especially in the colleges of education and in the faculties of education in Ahmadu Bello University and other universities in the north that will come occasionally to consult.
So we are trying to ensure that we position the library to have e-library section as our students will have the opportunity to conduct their research in libraries across the world.

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