Journalists honour FCT treasurer

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A group of credible journalists have honoured the FCT treasurer, Alhaji Isiyaku Ismaila with the award of the Civil Servant of the year 2018 for his meritorious services to humanity.
Receiving the award, he commended the organizers in making sure that he received it. He said the persistence of the organizers shows commitment even though he was not given adequate time to prepare. He expresses gratitude for being honoured and says he values the award because it is coming from journalists.
He pointed out that an award coming from journalists speaks volumes because the journalists are the medium between the government and the governed. They are also giving feedback to government to make sure that policies of government are actually the dividend that the people expect.
“So it is a very good feedback that what you have been doing in 2018 is actually what the journalist find appropriate to honour. And by that I give kudos to my Hon. Minister who had given me the opportunity to hold on his behalf the schedule that you find me worthy of having the award”, he said.
I also want to say that our permanent secretary who actually is the accounting officer and the person who places the right person in the right place to make sure that government business is driven, must be commended for not only the duty but for the team that constitute the treasury staff, he added.
The treasurer was able to excel and be noticed for job well done because he has a good team under him at the FCT treasury. He congratulated the team for their contributions to the success of the treasury department.
He assured the organizers that the award is not only encouraging to him but also encouraging to members of the team to make sure that Nigerian belongs to all of us. He pointed out that the award is a big challenge to him that the recognition is to ensure that he does not relax, that it has brought him to attention that whenever he does not do better, the journalists will also come and say the 2018 award you were given was for hard work. He said he will make sure he does not fail in his duties at the treasury department.
Speaking at the event, the team leader in the treasury department, Salau A. Lawal sincerely appreciated the organizers of the award for recognizing their collective effort that culminated to the award of the best Civil Servant of the year 2018 to their boss.
He promised that the team will keep working in order to serve the populace better, and move the country forward.


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