NEF has trained hundreds of thousands – Akubo

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The PR consultant of NEF, Augustine Akubo explains to our correspondent the activities of the NGO; Excerpts;
Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF) “Where access leads to opportunities”. The selling point is, we create multi-faceted opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneur, potential entrepreneur to access business opportunities, to access opportunities to meet with business systems, business men at home and diaspora. We create opportunities for people to develop their business ideas, or business systems. We also create the forum for people to acquire the right mental aptitude, the right technical training, and the right consultancy on how to get technical know-how, how to have general knowledge. And to use experience we have gathered from development partners from home and abroad to shower on these categories of people I mentioned to you.
We have our membership strata divided along the lines of regular members, development partners and corporate members.
All these categories of members have opportunities of learning how to do ethical business, how to expand their businesses, how to be able to generate startup capital to start their businesses.
And all those have legal implications, and through the forum we have been able to educate them on how to do all that.
We are set out to mop up from the system, the social menace of unemployment. We are out to stem the stem the tide of dependency on government for sustenance of the people.
We are out to advance the living standard of the citizenry of Nigeria populace and to a large extent other African brothers and sisters.
We are also out to stamp out the menace of irregular migration and trafficking in human persons.
We are achieving that through programmes and projects that we have rolled out and those that we are executing for our people to tap in to be empowered.
When one is empowered, he will not have the desire to travel through the desert or the Mediterranean Sea in search of the so called Golden Fleece so if one is empowered at home, his standard is already enhanced and then you contribute meaningfully to the economic development of the country.
GIZ is set out to ensure that we stem the ugly tide of irregular migration of Africans to Europe. They are coming up with empowerment programmes that will make our people stay back, instead of coming to them.
So the main nucleus of the program is to collaborate with us in terms funding, collaborate with us in terms of technical services, collaborate with us in terms value chain of knowledge to stem that tide of migration, so that we can stay back at home and develop our economy. And in the long run also contribute to the economy of the international system.
The Centre for International Migration and Development, we collaborate with them in terms of technical exchange where their resource persons and those Africans they have trained in their own countries have to give back to the societies. They will return home under the canopy of CIM to give back to the society what they have learned from Europe. Instead of suffering from brain drain, we are now having advantage of brain gain. We gain back our brains that are developed over there. Our own African Nationals that are developed over there.
In terms of funding, they are ready to collaborate with us on how to carry out maximum sensitization for our citizenry. Specifically, we are still doing a base line data on those that have benefited since NEF came on board. It is hundreds of thousands that have benefited so far.
Our people should not be saying that Nigeria Economy is bad, the African Society is bad, the Entrepreneurial Economic Environment is not conducive for doing business.
When they come to us in NEF, we have created access to those opportunities, to those things they have been missing. So they should tap into the opportunities of our programs and projects so that they can be empowered and have their standards enhanced and advanced.

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