Easy Max launches organic foods

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At the launch of Easy food, the CEO said the organization is out to make sure that the country live long and live healthy. He said the company intends to bring the youths up in the society through agricultural value chain.
Dr. Ezenwoye has written to the government asking that the one year national youth corpse service shall be made in such a way that the graduates should remain in camps and the organization will provide them with agricultural practices and implements, so that they boost the economy through one year food production during the one year service. He proposed that at the end of one year, they should be paid their stipends and the organically processed foods will be sold and the percentage of the profit paid to them in addition to their stipend.
He wants the government to hand them over the NYSC Scheme to them to run for at least five years. The result is that they will have empowerment and additional skill. He says the areas the graduates can engage in are poultry, fish farming and other farm programmes. The organization has a lot of incentives for the farmers that supply them with raw materials. They give them training on the basic input to use in growing their crops, the right implement to use in farming various crops.
Easy food off takes farm products from farmers and process them at their factories. The company does not use chemical in processing the products they buy from farmers.
They have different ways of preserving different farm products. The organization has a lot of incentives for employed that will join them, the Retailer, the Supermarkets and every Stakeholder of the organization. The prices of the products of the organization are very affordable and will give their retailer much profit.
The organization is crafting the sales after Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept which rewards hard working retails with lots of benefits.
The organization is working with Export Promotion Council and other promoting communities asking them to pave way for the organization to be exporting organically processed foods to Nigerians overseas.
Chief (Mrs.) Grace Ezeife was a special guest at the event and she says there is room for exportation of Easy foods to international communities where Nigerians and other people from Africa live. He commends the company for the beautiful packaging of the organic foods produced by the company. She says the food is awesome.
She posits that organic food is for everybody. She assures that Easy foods are exportable compared to the kind of oil she once bought when she travelled to the United States of America. She commends the company for championing exportation of Nigerian agricultural products which Ghanaians have been doing for years. She reveals that Ghanaians come to Nigeria and buy these farm products and process them into organic foods and export them as Ghana products.
The representative of Dreamtrip, Talita van Wyk, was also at the event and she wants the producers of Easy foods to have good relationship with supermarkets so that their foods will be sold by them.
She congratulated the organization for introducing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) into their business. This she said it will give the farmers and retailers opportunity to earn extra income.


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