Ezenwoye breaks new ground, launches Ezey Organic Food

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Dr. Marcel Ezenwoye is a renowned scholar who has contributed to the growth of Nigerian Economy in several ways. Right from when he was in the UK. Dr. Ezenwoye lived in the UK for over 20 years but was always in touch with what was going in Nigeria.
Among his contributions to the development of the country are chains of schools he established all over the country, starting with the one in his home town in Anambra State.
His latest in road into projecting Nigeria to the international community is through organic foods. His new organization is “Ezey foods”. The company is registered as Easy Max under the corporate laws of the federal republic of Nigeria. The organization is into producing purely organic foods with the best nutritional value. This will go a long way in saving the nation from inorganic food consumption that has affected negatively on the health of consumers.
The organization has invented an innovative business model to empower stakeholders through the organization’s revenue sharing formula. Easy Max has a unique distribution network through which they implement this model. It works like multi – level marketing approach. It encourages distributors of the company to work hard in order to earn multiple incomes. This can be achieved through direct sales income and loyalty benefits based on sales volume. For example; if one can make sales of up to two hundred thousand naira (N 200,000.00), the person will have likely gain of thirty five thousand two hundred and ninety four naira (N 35,294.00) and an award of some items like either kettle, or blender or DSTV decoder. On the other hand, if one can make up to sales of thirty million naira (N30,000,000.00), he will make a profit of five million, five hundred and seventeen thousand naira (N 5,594,117.00). Such a stakeholder will be entitled to an award of a car from the company. The higher the sales target attained by an individual, the higher his profit and incentives from the organization.
Ezey Foods, just like other products from the stable of Dr. Marcel Ezenwoye is targeted at the best quality standard. The organization has processing plants in several locations in the country. There is a state of the art processing facility in Abuja where the organization processes products it takes from farmers in the Northern part of the country. So it has in other every zone of the country.
These are some of the products the organization produces; Ezey Palm oil, Ezey White beans, Ezey Brown Bean, Ezey dry fish, Ezey Crunchy Garri and many more products that are still being researched on by the R and D department of the organization.
The organization has local and international clients who consume their products on a daily basis. The organization exports to some countries in Europe, America and Asia, thereby earning foreign exchange for the country and impacting on the lives of its stakeholders.
Having fully satisfied international standard in every aspect; quality, packaging, constant weight etc., the organization thought it wise to launch the product officially and to tell Nigerians the benefits one stands to get in keying into the value chain of the organization’s processes; like marketing of Ezey Foods, supply of accessories like packaging materials, etc.
At the launch in Abuja, Nigeria, the founder of Ezey Foods, Dr. Marcel Ezenwoye said the idea to go into production of organic foods first came to him when he was in the UK. He said then, there was nowhere Nigeria Foods were sold in the UK. He then took the advantage of the opening created to open the first Nigeria Food Café which gave birth to floodgate of Nigerian restaurants in the UK today.
So, when he came back to Nigeria, he noticed that Nigeria farm produce are being rejected in the international market because of improper processing. He therefore embarked on the multi – billion naira untapped sector.
He said organic foods have many benefits ranging from earning the country foreign exchange to protecting Nigerians from consuming toxic, wrongly processed products


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