President Buhari is not an Islamic Extremist – Muya

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The United Pastors for Good Governance Support in Nigeria UPSGSN (a religious organization) has said that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is not an Islamist. They made this assertion in a meeting in Abuja to reaffirm the support of the organization for the re- election of President Muhammadu Buhari’s second tenure.
The meeting saw the convergence of different Christian clergies from different parts of the country. Speaking to different at the event, Reverend James Muya, the Executive President of the United Pastors for Good Governance Support in Nigeria (UPSGSN) says the purpose of the gathering is to pray for our dear country, for peaceful elections and to tell Nigerians and the whole world that the UPSGSN is not a political party but is committed in ensuring that Nigeria gets the right presidential candidate in during the 2019 polls.
He further said that having gone through and investigated all the allegations labeled against the President as being an Extremist who has an Islamic agenda for Nigeria, UPSGSN have not found anything against him and they hold nothing against the president. Rev. James Muya echoed that they make bold to tell all those who say the President is an Islamist, extremist are all wrong and are wallowing in a wrong and costly assumptions.
He continued by saying: “In the history of Nigeria Buhari is the only president that has a 93 percent continuity of what the past government started”.
Today according to him, roads which were awarded during former President Olusegun Obasanjo and were ignored during Yar’adua and President Goodluck Jonathan admiration have been continued by President Buhari which he said is the first of its kind.
He further said the president is being accused of fighting corruption while those around him are corrupt. Rev. James tell Christians and all Nigerians to shun all of those negative accusations against president Buhari as the UPSGSN has found him to be a good and worthy leader who has nothing against the Christian Faith. Condemning all false allegations against President Muhammadu Buhari as having an Islamic agenda if reelected, Rev. James Muya, says such are mere negative propaganda which are politically arranged to tarnish the good image of the president.
He therefore concluded by imploring all Christians to support the reelection of President Buhari.
Although this is not the first time religious groups come out to endorse presidential candidates several groups have come out to endorse candidates whom they feel would move the nation forward.


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