We use Aberdeen system of patrol in the zone – Emega

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The Divisional Police officer (DPO) in charge of Apo, Emega John has revealed that his division applies what he calls ‘Aberdeen System of patrol during festive periods like Christmas, Salah, Easter etc. Aberdeen system according to him is a system whereby you can post police men, leave them for some time to patrol and the vehicle will go to other areas do the same and later come and pick them up.
He said his division would be secured during the festivity according to the Operation order forwarded by the commissioner of police in charge of operations. “We are strictly going to adhere by the content of that operation order. Operation order means to apply the preparedness of the police to put it into practice. Men will be deployed to various areas especially recreation areas, areas with government facilities and so on”.
He said that police men would be deployed taking cognizance of the fact that there will be celebration; to areas like parks, gardens where people go for recreation.
According Emega John there will be motorized patrols involving police men in mufti and in uniforms. “So there ought to be police presence in nooks and crannies, especially taking cognizance of the fact that many people have traveled out the environments”, he emphasized.
DPO Emega stated that he would concentrate efforts on their (AOR) area of responsibility. He listed the AOR in Apo thus; “When you come to Apo you will see, even adjacent to the police station, there is a park there. If you go further to Kabusa junction you will see FCDA facility. All these areas are government facilities. In fact running from that Kabusa junction towards Lokogoma junction and even after Lokogoma junction up to the garden, Kabusa garden you can see these areas have a lot of gardens and parks are our AOR”.
On how the police is relating with the police in the area he said the citizens have been enjoined to be drawing the attention of the police to any criminal activity. That if you notice anything wrong or suspect anything in a way that is not supposed, police ought to be alerted immediately. And that most of them are already aware of a number the division distributed.
He has words of commendation for people in the area. “They have been helpful all this while. Crime has been on the decrease. It is not unconnected with this relationship with the communities and the residents. We have this symbiotic relationship with each and every one of them. So that is why I feel they are positively contributing to reduction of crime”, he explained.

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