NHSA inducts new employees

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The Nigerian Hydrological Service Agency (NIHSA) has inducted 110 employees it recruited between the last quarter of 2019 and early this. The event took place in Abuja.
Speaking to news men at the event, the Director General of the agency, Engr. Clement Onyeaso Nze explains the mandate of the agency thus, “To put it in a short form it has to do with provision of data and information necessary for any activity you can envisage with the water resources circle anywhere in Nigeria or elsewhere.
That’s the agency among other mandate is saddle with giving you accurate and timely information with regards to distribution of surface and ground water sources in Nigeria, where does it occur, what is the size, what is the amount of water available anywhere in Nigeria. The agency is also saddled with providing timely warning when it comes to emergency issues related to flooding; we are the ones that are mandated to do that. We have the capacity, we have the facility to predict and tell Nigerians when the flood will occur, where it will occur and what measure that needs to be taken”.
On what the government to contain the effect of flooding, he says the government is responding but much is still desired, especially from the state government in times of giving early response. “Flooding is what you cannot avoid totally but you can ameliorate, you can reduce the impact. For instance when know that flood is coming from so direction, you are supposed to relocate people from those areas. It has a season in Nigeria may be in Southern part by May flooding might have started already, but within the Northern part generally it is between July, August and September we always know it and we always go ahead to inform Nigerians about impending flood”, he explained.
“We give announcement weekly, daily, often the emergency agencies in Nigeria, especially NEMA take very seriously the predictions we normally make annually about flooding so as to prepare themselves, position themselves and begin to go to states that are likely to be flooded when the raining season kicks off”, he added.
On the induction he says the organization wants to empower the employees by engaging them. Some of them have been looking for job may be five year, six years or even more and they are entering into this government agency that has specialized mandate, specialized functions. “We want to let them know what all is about. And again to introduce them to the civil service, the rules, regulations, what is expected of them as public servants”, he concluded.
The director of Admin and finance, Ahmed Mabudi Bashar also spoke to news men on the significance of the exercise. He started thus; “What we are doing today is what the administration is doing to give appointment to our youths. Today, here we are inducting and training our youths that we employed in Nigeria NIHSA and I say the federal government did this to give employment to our teeming youths that are roaming in the streets”.
On whether the recruitment exercise met the requirement of Federal Character Commission (FCC) principle, he says; “Well as I am telling you now we have certificate signed by the chairman of FCC for applying the federal character principle in our employment.
He explains the essence of the induction thus; “We are to tell them the nifty gritty of what is obtained in the federal civil service. All these ones they will know when you are coming to office, when to close. Ethics and values will be the key issue to discuss here”.
He revealed that this is the first induction ever to take place since the agency was created.


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