I am ready for 2019 election – Hon Jiba

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency in the forthcoming election on 16th February, 2019, Hon Mikah Yohanna Jiba, aka “Babu Shaka”, has stated his readiness for the election. Hon Jiba was the immediate past chairman of AMAC (Abuja Municipal Area Council).
Speaking to our correspondent in Abuja, Hon Jiba commended INEC for their preparedness for smooth elections in 2019.
Hon Jiba says he is not new to election preparation as he has been a councilor and chairman in AMAC. His word; “This is not the first time I am contesting for a political position. I started from the councillorship. I also contested for the AMAC chairmanship position and I know how prepared I was at those periods.
To buttress his position, he says he was born and bred in Abuja and believes he has 70% advantage because he mingles with his people.
On how his camp is preparing to checkmate rigging, he says conduct of free and fair election is the function of INEC and if they allow some candidates to rig the election if means the electoral body is deceiving people like him who have trust in INEC. He went on to say that if the ruling party is planning to rig the 2019 they should have said that those in opposition should not be part of the elections.
His response to the clamour for electorates to secure their votes after voting, he says as INEC has declared the day work free, voters should cast their votes and wait to ensure that their votes count.
Hon Jiba who is a peace loving Nigerian says voters should be law abiding before, during and after voting. He believes that power comes from God and the God has known who will win the elections. Therefore he advises everybody to be law abiding because if one loses election today God may make him to win tomorrow.
On the allegation that some people who have PVC say they will not vote, he says such people are deceiving themselves. He posited that people like that will be the first to complain when a bad leader is elected into office whereas they refused to partake in the elections. He advises anybody who has PVC to endeavor to be part of the forthcoming elections.
Finally he admonishes Abuja residents, whom he believes have not shifted from their responsibility to remain calm and let peace rein in our country because according to him, if there is no peace elections will not take place.


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