Political parties should be ran like trade Unions – Uzoewulu

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By Chuks NZEH:

The President, Board of Trustees, Awaking the Sleeping Giant, Leadership Initiative, ASGLI, Olisa Uzoewulu, has called for political parties should be ran like Trade Unions, to keep a register of members, collect dues and pay tax to government and to mitigate crisis during the election primaries.

He made this known recently during an interactive session with journalists, recently in Abuja, to intimate the media on the essence of ASGLI.

He said, “We have refined political parties, anybody who has a better idea should come. They should be taxed and collect dues from members. It should be ran like a Trade Union, so that they can have their primaries in a decent place without crisis, because those whose names are not in the register would not come.

Uzoewulu, said vote buying includes when a politician is made to spend millions of dollars in ensuring he gets the ticket to represent his party, to contest the general election because he knows that when comes to power he would recover what he expended during the electoral process.

He said, ASGLI, is focused on leadership, towards ensuring that our leaders have the requisite capacity. ” It starts from the leader, he is the driver of the ideas, concepts and dreams which difficult to change, when he is focused on succeeding.”

He said ASGLI, would be dishing out solutions on leadership issues, so that we can have party primaries in a hotel over cups of tea and after the elections whoever emerges we shake hands and go, instead of over burden the courts.

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