Intelligent people should not allow unintelligent people to be their leaders – Dr. Menakaya

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The former Minister of Health under President Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr. Tim Ndubuisi Menakaya has admonished Nigerians not to let unintelligent persons to be their leaders. He made this disclosure in Abuja when he was addressing Umunya people in a monthly gathering of the branch. “Intelligent people should not allow unintelligent people to be there leader”, he said. He was particularly addressing a barrister who complained that he stopped attending the town’s meeting because the leaders were not fair to his when he buried his late father.
The octogenarian politician and renowned medical practitioner believes that anybody who allows himself to led by an unintelligent person will live in agony as long as the person’s tenure lasts.
Further he enjoined his people of Umunya to cherish their town and be part of its development because nobody bribes God to create him in a particular race or clan.
Dr. Menakaya is founder of one of the foremost hospitals east of the Niger, Menax Hospital Onitsha. As an active politician in the second republic he paired with Mbazulike Amaechi of NPN to contest the Anambra State gubernatorial primary which was won by C.C. Onoh who later became the governor of old Anambra state.
As a philanthropist he has touched lives of thousands of people who benefited from one his projects or the other. In the seventies when two of his nephews graduated as medical doctors he bought each of them a Renault car. One of the beneficiaries is Dr. Eloka Menakaya, the CEO/MD of Amana Hospital, Abuja.
In the 80s he and his business associates established the famous Tempo Floor Mills Limited which gave direct employment to many people from Umunya where it was sited. It also created over a thousand indirect employments to drivers, mechanics, loaders, food vendors, name it.
He advised his people to be part of developmental associations in order not to be led by people of low understanding. He promised he would make out time to educated his people on the history of their town and restore the pride of Umunya, one of the towns that make up Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State.


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