Crime and criminality has redused in Apo – DPO Emega

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The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Apo, CSP John Emega has said that crime and criminality has reduced drastically since he assumed duty as the DPO of the division.
Before his arrival there were warnings that Apo is full of cultism. He believes that as long as Nigerians are still under law, that the police will not allow a few individuals to take the whole place and make it inhabitable for innocent citizens.
He said that the division is not doing badly under him as they have been to reduce the level of criminality in the area. “Crime is actually on the decrease, even though we have witnessed some heinous ones, we had witnessed the case of killing may be one since my assumption of duty about three months ago. There was a case of kidnapping which was not fatal, but the victims were eventually rescued. That was far from the division, it is in the area that has been included in the newly created Kabusa Division.
“Cases are treated based on their merit in the division and in the end the accused person will be satisfied because you have not gone outside what you are supposed to do. If somebody deserves death and you kill him, the person some time will not blame you as a police officer because you are acting within the ambit of the law”, he posited.
He said that people are coming into Apo with different methods and they will not rest on their oars. “In this Apo we are trying our best; you know the condition of this country, poverty everywhere and proliferation of touts.
You see a vehicle coming to Abuja from the east, west, north and south you just climbed in, tell my people I have gone to Abuja. From there they move, they will come and drop, dropping to wheel barrow, from wheel barrow to motor cycle, from motor cycle to Keke and so, “he narrated.
He said that they have been making so many arrests, persecuting and transferring to state CID. Also he said that some of the notorious criminals whose names are common all over the place have willingly left the place.
He said that Apo is habited by the good, the bad and the ugly; the civil servants, the artisans, the mechanics. Among the mechanics he said there are good ones and bad ones. He said he has been talking to them and advised them to fish out bad elements among them.
And that if they refuse to do so during raids all will be involve until investigation takes place. He said the only inaccessible place in Apo are some slumps around Kabusa, but now they are being assessable after he and his men have taken care of criminal elements there.
He said that one of the strategies devised by present IG is constant raids on the hide out of criminals. And he said that he can use up to ten vehicles when they are carrying out such raid. He said they at times they get assistance from other divisions. After raids they screen to sifter bad elements out of the catch.
He warned that he would stop the people soliciting for gas customers along the road as it constitutes nuisance. He said that anybody associated with them should warn them because if they are arrested they will be prosecuted.
He said he will like the public to come to their aid in the area of keeping sentiment aside, and reporting objectively: crimes. “If your neighbor is of questionable character, you should call the police and inform them”, he advised. He also wants the civil society to come up with information, logistics, and vehicles. He said his division needs assistance in the area of provision of vehicles, repairs of vehicles and mostly information from the people.

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